The Event

Helene would like to mark her 40 years of teaching by gathering women from her projects across time and geography, to meet, dance and celebrate together!

Helene has been teaching dance for 40 years. For decades, she has travelled the world, bringing her learning and teaching to us, her students. Rather than only conducting short workshops as so many teachers do, Helene decided about 25 years ago to establish training projects for women to learn traditional dance in a way that brought them to performance level competence over less than two years. An ambitious proposition and one she has ably fulfilled season after season in cities on three continents. Several years ago, Helene started calling her projects ANAR DANA and the name resonated across her teaching cities. Some of us have danced with a project for a season, some of us for many more. A select few of us, have danced in her projects in more than one city.

It wasn’t until 2018 at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival that many dancers from two ANAR DANA projects actually came together to dance dances they had learned in their separate cities – San Francisco and Seattle. What magic it was! Imagine never having encountered someone and yet, within hours of meeting, being able to dance complex dances in performance? Now, imagine doing this with dancers from cities across Europe, South America and North America. Of course, we will also be reconnecting with dance sisters from projects we have danced with in the past.

We envision mornings of relearning or learning dances from Helene, afternoons exploring Marrakesh and environs, and evenings feasting and celebrating together and enjoying local dance and music performances.

IMPORTANT: We want to build community and the ability to dance our dances together. We will be practicing several dances each day across the 10-day program. Thus, we ask you to commit to the full 10-day program.