Event Costs

We are privileged to hold Helene’s 40th Teaching Year retreat and celebration at Academia Arabesca for many reasons, not the least of which is that it allows us to have a 10-day event of high caliber at very affordable prices.

We want to build community and the ability to dance our dances together. We will be practicing several dances each day across the 10-day program. Thus, we ask you to please commit to the full 10-day program.

All prices include:

  • Arrival/departure transfers  from/to the airport
  • 10 nights lodging
  • 10 days breakfast buffet
  • Entrance fees to some sights
  • 3 days of excursions around Marrakesh, to the mountains and the coast
  • Retreat fee
  • Academia Arabesca membership fee ($20/person required as the institute is a non-profit association)

Prices do not include airfare, meals, any additional excursions or tips.

Please calculate approximately $15/day additionally for meals per person, particularly those we eat communally.

The price for the retreat will vary depending on the accommodation level you select. There are five different prices available for retreat participants: Budget Level 1, Budget Level 2, Budget Level 3, Traditional Level 1 and Traditional Level 2 described below under The Rooms.

Deposit to hold your place as a retreat participant for all price levels is:

US$515 Early Bird (until September 9th, 2019)

US$615 Standard (until October 16, 2019)

Bringing a travel companion who won’t be participating in the retreat? Deposit to hold a place for each companion at all price levels is:

US$100 Early Bird (until August 15, 2019)

US$120 Standard (until October 16, 2019)

please contact Heather Robinson at har5055@aol.com to inquire about companion costs.

You will make the balance of your payments upon arrival at Academia Arabesca.

The Rooms

Academia Arabesca can accommodate up to 30 guests, each in their own beds in the three houses of the venue: Riad Arabesca (RA), Dar Johanna (DJ) and Dar Gita (DG).

Since the institute has preserved most of its original architecture, only rooms at the Traditional Levels have shower and toilets en suite. Otherwise, two or three guests share bathing and toilet facilities.

Rooms within a particular price level (for example, Budget Level 3 or Traditional 1) will be assigned on a “first come-first served” basis. Please let us know if you wish to room with a particular person.

Budget Level 1

Shared Double Bunk Bed Rooms (Red or Green Room)
Early Bird Price: US$ 815
Standard Price: US$ 895

Budget Level 2

Shared Small Double Rooms (Cottage, Blue, Hideaway or Gita Room)
Early Bird Price: US$ 835
Standard Price: US$ 920

Budget Level 3

Single Rooms (Dromedary*, Corner*, Sultana*, Sahara Room)
Early Bird Price: US$ 915
Standard Price: US$ 1,005

* on the ground floor and prioritized for those with mobility issues.

Traditional Level 1

Shared Twin Rooms w/ Bath (Yellow, Nomad, Terrace, Patio Suite)
Early Bird Price: US$ 915
Standard Price: US$ 1,005

Traditional Level 2

Shared Triple Rooms (Oriental Suite shared bath; Balcony Suite w/bath)
Early Bird Price: US$ 965
Standard Price: US$ 1,060